Survey Panels

If you have a survey you need to conduct and you need people to take the survey, you can utilize one of our online survey panels.

  • Online survey panel
  • Medical panel
  • Employee panel

You select the characteristics of the people you want to invite to the survey. For example, you may want to invite only people who have made online purchases in the past, or only females between the ages of 35 and 49. We select people from one or more of our panels to participate. If we don't have the specific information you require about our panel members, we can employ a two-stage process; first inviting people to participate in a screener, where we ask a few basic questions, and then selecting people to participate in the final survey based upon their answers to the screener questions.

Panel members are compensated to participate. Therefore, response rates are quite high, and results can be obtained very quickly -- often in less than one week, including the time required for the initial screening.