ESAT Budget Options

When you have 50 or fewer employees, you may not need all the bells and whistles that come with our standard survey process. If this is the case, our budget "bronze" option may be right for you.

This budget option includes the following:

  • Use of our standard questionnaire.
  • Ability to delete as many questions as you would like.
  • Either:
    • Programming for an Internet survey and data collection, or,
    • Data entry after you print and send to us your completed paper questionnaires.
    • Comment transcription.
  • A "Bronze" report, containing:
    • Summary Graphs and tables comparing your scores to our normative database,
    • Quadrant analysis, plotting the "leverage" of each item along with its performance score, enabling you to quickly pinpoint items most in need of improvement.
    • An Appendix containing summary and detailed tabulations, rank reports showing each item's leverage and performance on a number of measures, normative results, ratios showing how you compare to the normative results, and demographic percentages.

This budget option does not include the following, which we do for Gold and/or Silver projects.

  • Crosstabulations showing differences between departments and demographic groups,
  • Comment Coding,
  • Ability to add custom questions,
  • Ability to modify questions.

The cost of this option is $950. Because of the small amount involved, this must be paid in advance.