Employee Satisfaction Surveys Pricing
Pricing Programs

We offer two basic programs of survey management -- Silver and Gold. In both programs, we work with you to design the a questionnaire to meet your specific needs. The Silver program provides you with tables summarizing the results of your survey. The Gold program gives you the same tables as does the Silver program, AND a full written report, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and recommending areas of focus to improve employee satisfaction. 90% or more of our employee satisfaction projects are Gold programs.

You can have your survey conducted via the Internet, or using the traditional paper and pencil method.

Web Surveys

If your employees are connected to the Internet, you might want to consider an Internet survey. We do all the programming and data collection, using our server. Advantages include:

  • Faster turnaround time (as little as three weeks from questionnaire approval to report),
  • For organizations of this size, lower price than traditional paper and pencil.
  • Transcription of all comments.
  • Higher response rate.

Traditional Paper and Pencil Surveys

We recognize that there are many organizations whose employees are not connected to the Internet. For these organizations, we offer the traditional paper and pencil method. All you have to do is distribute the questionnaire and postage-paid return envelope to all employees via inter-office mail. We take it from there.

Pricing by size of organization: Hover over the number of employees.


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