Description of a Questionnaire
E-Value2003 Employee Satisfaction Survey

We recently completed an extensive analysis of studies we completed over the last several years and updated our standard questionnaire. We added more than 20 new attributes, deleted a few, and recategorized them. Here is a brief description of the items covered. Keep in mind that we will completely customize the questionnaire to meet your needs.

  • Length - four pages.
  • Overall satisfaction with the employer.
  • Attributes addressing the following categories:
    • Leadership and planning
    • Corporate culture
    • Communications
    • Career development
    • The employee's role
    • Recognition and rewards (including pay)
    • Teamwork and cooperation
    • Working conditions
    • The employee's immediate supervisor
    • Employee training
    • Benefits
  • Suggestions for future benefits.
  • Future career plans.
  • Would the employee recommend the company to a friend for employment?
  • Employee suggestions to improve satisfaction.
  • A battery of demographic questions.

Download Download a Copy of the Questionnaire for Your Review

We can conduct your employee satisfaction survey on the web, provided all employees to be surveyed have Internet access (some can share computers) and you are confident that they all know how to use it. Call us for pricing.