About Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Gold and Silver Employee Satisfaction Survey Programs

Employees Aren't Just Faces in the Crowd

High employee satisfaction levels can reduce turnover. The below graph, compiled from recent studies we have completed, shows the disparity between highly satisfied employees and dissatisfied employees in response to the question "how long do you plan to continue your career with this company?" More than eight of ten highly satisfied employees intended to stay more than two years, compared to two of ten dissatisfied employees.

Not only are dissatisfied employees more likely to say they will be leaving the company soon, they are not very likely to recommend their company to a friend, potentially making it more difficult for a company to recruit future employees.

We can measure employee satisfaction using a number of different methods, including:

  • Paper questionnaire distributed internally and returned to us directly,
  • Internet survey,
  • Mixed methodology, combining the above. This enables all employees to respond, regardless of Internet access or comfort levels.

Paper questionnaires are a proven methodology for this type of research, and continue to be used with success. However, if everyone in your organization has Internet access (and actually uses it), you may want to consider utilizing a web-based methodology to conduct your research. We'll work with you to help you determine the most appropriate methodology for your particular circumstance.

Optimizing employee satisfaction is key to the success of any business. And sound, insightful employee satisfaction research is key to understanding how to achieve that optimization. The Business Research Lab offers an experienced professional team to help you understand and optimize your employee satisfaction programs.

Employees Online?

Great! If your employees are connected to the Internet, you can survey them online. Check out our Online Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

On a Tight Budget?

We recognize that custom research is beyond the budget of many businesses. With that in mind, we offer solutions for businesses to cost-effectively collect the information they need to make informed employee satisfaction decisions. Consider our popular Bronze Employee Satisfaction survey, typically used by businesses with 50 or less employees to collect crucial information on employee satisfaction. Which ever package you choose, our employee satisfaction research tips will help you to make your project a success.

Plus, there's no risk -- we let you download a copy to review before making a purchase decision.

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