Diversity Surveys

Most employers realize that a diverse workhouse brings alternative viewpoints; viewpoints that facilitate approaches which would not have been considered in the past. This becomes more critical as the client population itself becomes more diverse.

If you are like many employers, you now have a diversity program. How successful has it been? Do your workers truly understand and embrace diversity, or do they think of your diversity program as just another corporate initiative to which senior management pays lip service? Do workers of different backgrounds share opinions about diversity and your diversity program, or do their opinions differ?

The only way to know for sure is to ask employees how they feel about diversity, your diversity initiative, and their perceptions of its success. With our diversity survey, you can understand employee feelings about these issues in a very short period of time.

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Main Measurement Question
Overall, would you rate the success of the diversity program at [NAME OF COMPANY]?
(Seven-point scale from poor to excellent.)

Other Sample Questions

Disagree Strongly, Disagree Somewhat, Neutral, Agree Somewhat, Agree Strongly

  • I believe that having a more diverse workhouse will improve [NAME OF COMPANY].
  • [NAME OF COMPANY] is committed to diversity.
  • [NAME OF COMPANY] seeks different perspectives in decision-making and problem solving.
  • [NAME OF COMPANY] is making progress with diversity initiatives.
  • [NAME OF COMPANY] respects individuals and values their differences.