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Refer Your Employer (or any Company/Organization)

If you believe your employer would benefit from the implementation of an employee survey (or any of our products/services), refer them to us. If they purchase $500 or more of products or services, we will give you a referral fee of $100, or 10%, whichever is greater. Since many companies purchase thousands of dollars worth of services from us, you have the potential to receive a large check. For example, for a $10,000 project, we will send you $1000 upon project completion/payment. The odds of receiving referral dollars are good -- perhaps one-in-ten or better, depending upon your company's needs and receptivity.

Making a referral is easy -- simply fill out this form, submit it now, and give your employer some information on our employee satisfaction survey or other services. We've made it easy for you to do so. You can print and give one or more of the following to your employer's HR department, president, or general manager.

  • A copy of our ready-to-go employee satisfaction questionnaire. It is in Microsoft Word 6.0 format.
  • A copy of our Employee Satisfaction Research page.
  • A copy of our E-Value2 off-the-shelf employee survey page.

You also are welcome to give them a copy of any page on this site.

We won't contact them (or you) unless you ask us to do so. However, we'll keep track of your referral in our database, and send you a check if the referred company spends at least $500 with us.

Payment will be sent upon project completion as soon as the company has paid in full for our services.

If you feel uncomfortable about receiving a referral check, we will be happy to instead apply your referral fee to the company's project. We'll do either way you tell us. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll assume you want to receive the fee.

If multiple individuals from the same company refer a company, only the first referral received is eligible to receive a referral fee.

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