Client Testimonials

Hi Clive - wow - this is really comprehensive... Overall, I want to tell you that I have been VERY pleased with the service and the final product you and your company have provided. I will be in touch... as we work our way through the report.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Denise Herrick
Director of Human Resources
Panasas, Inc.

Dear BRL Crew,

On behalf of HoMedics, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance and support provided by Business Research Labs. From our first inquiry on employee surveys to the final report, every question and concern that we threw at you was addressed with expedience based on our requirements.  Your experience and expertise was an invaluable asset to our survey completion.

With the timely assistance from the entire staff at Business Research Labs the first ever HoMedics survey was initiated and completed in a timely manner. You worked with us to successfully maneuver every bend in the road; and for all your efforts we are truly grateful.

Our thanks to Gregg, Clive, Don and anyone else behind the scenes that we did not have direct contact with, we applaud your efforts to give us service beyond our expectations.


Edward Gatt
HoMedics Inc.
Vice President of Administration
General Manager

Hi Gregg,

Thanks so much for your superior service over the past couple of weeks! The survey process was flawless, the site worked well, and everyone appreciated how easy it was to complete the survey online. Further, I was very impressed to receive our completed Silver Survey results Monday morning, given that we'd just closed the survey site a few days prior to that on last Thursday afternoon. I've distributed a copy of the survey report to our senior management, and the comments have been very positive thus far....thank you!


Ms. Kerry Kuenzi
Quality Improvement Champion
Planning and Budgeting
University of Washington


Thanks again for putting this information together so quickly. As always your company has been extremely professional and timely with preparing and presenting the data. Should you wish to use us as a reference in the future, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks again!

Elena Macias
Employee Relations and Recruiting Manager
Special Devices Incorporated


We rolled out the results of the Employee Survey to [all 560 employees in] 6 of our divisions over the past several weeks. [We] delivered PowerPoint presentations and we have made your detailed divisional reports available to anyone who requests them.

We are pleased with your employee survey methods, results and analyses. Your staff, specifically Gregg, are excellent to work with, knowledgeable and very responsive. The survey provided valuable information and will no doubt improve the operation of our various utility divisions. The divisions are discussing the survey results in more detail and as issues are identified, they are developing strategies and tactics to address them as part of our ongoing Strategic Planning process.

Thanks for all your assistance! We'll be in touch.

John Watkins
Management Analyst III
City of Fresno

Hi Gregg,

We at CARFAX are already beginning to plan for this year's Annual Survey.

We plan to use your company once gain due to the excellent customer service provided last year by The Business Research Lab and yourself. The quality of the information we were able to receive from BRL was of great value and helped us create a game plan for this fiscal year.


Paul Grant
Training Facilitator


Paula Henry and the Survey Task Force Members met on Friday August 2, 2002, and I wanted to share with you some of their findings.

Everybody was pleased with how the survey was conducted and with the final survey results. They were also pleased with BRL’s availability, response to, and flexibility with their concerns about the original results and in providing the additional detail and information (recommendations, etc.) requested. They feel that ALLTEL has established a very good working relationship with BRL and they would like to let you know that ALLTEL Telecom Professional Services Organization would be happy to act as reference contacts for your customer prospects.

The Task Force Members expressed their belief that the BRL survey was better received by the employee base than the {name of competitor} survey. The Task Force also found the BRL reports/results very useful. Results analysis had been missing from previous surveys. The reports will enable the local ESAT (Employee Survey Action Teams) to best use the information learned in the survey.

I would personally like to thank you for all your help. I think BRL exemplifies Customer Service standards and our interaction with BRL was always positive.

I look forward to working with you again on the next Professional Services Organization Employee Survey.

Thank you,

Pamela Schrock
Survey Administrator
ALLTEL Telecom PS Business Office

Thanks again. The company is very happy with the services you provided, particularly with the completeness of the data and naturally with the results.

Susan Marshall
Shenandoah Life Insurance Company

We have conducted our survey now for 3 years with your company and we are pleased with the results. Our turnover has been reduced in half over that time and many of the issues of 2000 have been identified and settled.

If you need us as a reference feel free to contact us as the quality of your work continues to be very positively viewed.

Steve Sperber
Special Devices, Inc.
VP Human Resources