General Research Tips
The Added Value of Researchers

Experienced Marketing Researchers can provide more than just good research -- they can assist you with your business decisions. An often overlooked fact is that many Marketing Researchers have researched a variety of marketing issues, including product design, packaging, promotions, advertising, customer satisfaction and distribution. In addition to this, many researchers have had the opportunity to delve into these issues in different industries. As a result of this experience, Researchers are in the unique position of having worked on a wider variety of issues than a typical product manager. They often have insights into what works and what doesn't in the world of marketing.

Good research is more than just testing issues brought to a researcher. It also includes advising clients on what should (and shouldn't) be tested. For example, an experienced Marketing Researcher, when given the task of developing an advertising concept test, can provide input on what has and hasn't worked in previous tests. He or she should suggest alternative concepts for testing. He or she should raise a red flag if it is premature to test an issue. Perhaps the client would best be served by researching a different issue than the one initially brought to the researcher. For example, in the case of advertising concept testing, a Researcher should ask whether the client is aware of the current image of the product or company to be advertised, the current image of each key competitor, and whether the client understands the client knows the relative importance of the different image dimensions. If the answers to these questions are negative, the researcher should suggest that image research be conducted.

Other incremental benefits that researchers can bring to the table include taking the results of an analysis and providing concrete recommendations, and helping others within your organization understand the ramifications of research results.

Make Marketing Researchers your partners, and they'll do their best to add value beyond Marketing Research design, execution, and analysis.