Research Tips
General Research Tips

Driving Research Results
When a survey has been completed, the researcher's job has just begun.
Determining Sample Sizes for Estimating Proportions
A discussion of margin of error and confidence levels.
An item of critical importance to anyone who wishes to conduct market research.
Leading Questions
How leading questions can mislead the sponsor of a survey.
Minimizing Non-response In a Mail Survey
Steps you can take to increase the number of returned questionnaires in a mail survey.
How Long Should a Mail Questionnaire Be?
The Business Research Lab examines the age-old question -- "Does Size Really Matter?"
Sharing Research Expenses
A way for small businesses to keep research costs to a minimum.
The Added Value of Researchers
Why experienced marketing researchers can assist you with your business decisions.
The Science of Sampling -- Telephone Samples
The Science of Sampling -- Mall Intercept Samples