Research Tips
Customer Satisfaction

I Really Want to Know (Really?) -- A Waiter Grades Himself
The Properly Written Problem Resolution Letter
Tying Emotion to Customer Service
When Should Changes Be Made to a Customer Satisfaction Tracking Questionnaire?
The Little Numbers Make the Difference
To find out where service needs to be improved, look at the percentage of customers who are "not satisfied."
Customer Service Nightmare
A bad customer service experience is used as an example of common customer service errors.
Are Your Incentives In Proper Alignment to Produce Quality Service?
It is easy to overlook a key link in the customer service chain.
Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking
It is important to know where your company stands relative to your competitors on the issue of customer satisfaction.
A Single Comment Can Make a Difference
Each comment made by a customer in a customer satisfaction survey has the potential to impact your business positively.
Don't Let Research Results Sit on a Shelf
How to make sure customer satisfaction research results get used.
The Problem with Average Scores
Why reporting percentages rather than just averages can help you to improve customer satisfaction.
Relationship Versus Transaction Measurement
Should you ask about the last service encounter, or the service relationship?
Improving Customer Satisfaction Once a Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program Is in Place
Processes to ensure that your customers' satisfaction with your business will increase.
Correct Positioning of a Customer Satisfaction Question
Should a customer satisfaction question be place first or last in a questionnaire?
If You Aren't Sure, You'd Better Ask
Opinion on customer satisfaction questionnaires that do not ask customers how satisfied they are.
Evaluating Customer Comments
How to "code" customer comments and uncover patterns in responses.
Measuring What Is Important to Customers
Why a statistical approach to measuring importance is better than asking customers what is important to them.
Obtaining Results Before You Complete Survey Analysis
How a customer satisfaction measurement program can have a positive influence on employee behavior.
Comment Cards Versus Questionnaires
Rationale for using quantitative customer satisfaction questionnaires rather than comment cards.
Distributing Questionnaires in a Retail Environment
Actively handing questionnaires to customers versus passive distribution.