Research Tips

Perceptual Mapping - Deciding What Image to Project
Before you embark on an image advertising campaign, you need to know the type of image you wish to convey.
Quick & Dirty Research Techniques - Part 1
Measuring the cost effectiveness of advertising promotions.
Quick & Dirty Research Techniques - Part 2
Price-point testing.
Danger - Comparative Advertising
Including Your Competitors' Names in Your Advertising Can Be Counterproductive.
The Role of Focus Groups in Advertising
Focus groups are a great tool for advertising research, but they should not be used to the exclusion of quantitative research.
How Research Can Drive the Advertising Mediums You Use
To choose the right advertising medium, you need to know who your customers and target customers are.
Allocating Advertising Dollars for Advertising Research
How much should you allocate to measure the communications effectiveness of your ads?
Is Your Advertising Working as Hard as it Could?
Increase sales and speed up the "advertisement perfection" process through advertising testing.