Human Resources Survey Results
Workplace Bullies

These surveys were conducted from November 1, 2002 through March 7, 2003.

With the recent attention being paid to workplace bullying, we thought we'd ask our visitors a bit more about this issue.

In one poll we asked whether people had been bullied, or had observed someone else being bullied. The results show that bullying is not a minor issue.

I have been a victim of workplace bullyingPercent
Sample Size418
I have observed someone else being bullied in the workplacePercent
Sample Size417

In a follow-up poll, asked about the sex of the people bullied. Females were slightly more likely than males to have been bullied. The difference was not statistically significant.

Not bullied61.8%57.2%
Sample Size272545

So now we know about the sex of the bullies. What is the sex of those who are doing the bullying? We followed up and here is what we found.

Sex of the BulliesPercent
Sample Size1033

These differences also are not significantly significant.