Human Resources Survey Results
Most-casual type of attire allowed at workplace on work days

These survey results are from April 2000. For more recent findings, check out our March 2003 dress code survey.

Casual dress code is becoming an issue at many companies. At some firms, the issue is that employees want a more casual dress code. At other firms, the issue is that the casual dress code feels as if it is getting out of control.

We receive many requests asking for a list of appropriate attire for casual days. We thought you'd be interested in the results from an online poll we conducted from April 14-24, 2000, in which we asked what the most casual type of attire employees were allowed to wear on most days of the week. The results in the below graph are based on 235 responses.

What is the most casual type of attire your
employer lets you wear to work on most days of the week?

It appears that business casual is the most popular type of attire. This does not necessarily mean that your organization should switch to that attire. Indeed, the decision of what type of clothing to require employees to wear depends upon the type of work that employees do, and the degree of client contact that they have. Nevertheless, this does give you some idea of what people are wearing to work. (Note -- this was an online poll, and results are representative of people who visited our web site(s) and chose to participate.)