Human Resources Survey Results
Employees in large companies less satisfied?

BRL's analysis of employee satisfaction surveys shows that satisfaction is lower in companies with 500 or more employees than in companies with fewer than 100 employees. Some of the differences may be what you'd expect. In large companies employees feel more distant from management. Fewer of them have confidence in management, believe they can trust what management tells them, or feel they are valued.

Other differences, however, are somewhat surprising. Employees in large companies, for example, are less confident about their job security. And there are some areas in which there's no difference at all in satisfaction between employees in large and small companies. They're equally high in satisfaction with the training their company provides, and in liking the people they work with.

However, as Clive Mettrick of the Business Research Lab points out, "Size is no guarantee of results, one way or the other. We have large clients whose employees give them high ratings - and being small doesn't mean you're home free. There's a wide variation in satisfaction among small companies."

Survey data bear this out. Overall satisfaction in companies with fewer than 100 employees ranged from a low of 11% to a high of 80%. Plainly, an 11% level of satisfaction is a sign of trouble, no matter what the company size.

In short, large or small, it pays to find out where you stand with your employees.