ESAT Key Steps
Proofing and Testing the Employee Satisfaction Survey

In the first part of this stage, both we and the client proof the questionnaire (whether paper or Internet). This is not just a check for misspelled words - we are looking for proper skip patterns, question numbering, grammar, and format.

Once proofing has been completed for a paper-and-pencil survey, the questionnaire goes straight to the printer. Internet Surveys, however, still need to be programmed and tested.

After programming, we conduct a series of tests to ensure that the questionnaire is working properly and that it is populating the correct file. We like to allow one day for this.

Once the questionnaire has been completely tested, the next step is - MORE TESTING.

One of the biggest potential GOTCHAS for an Internet survey is the email invitation. In most cases, the employer (our client) sends the email invitation to employees. It is critical that the link properly work. Just because the link seems to have the proper URL, it is no guarantee that it will link to the correct URL. There could be a very minor typo, or there could be underlying code that does not match the wording of the URL. THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE PROPER URL IS BEING REFERENCED IS TO ACTUALLY SEND THE EMAIL TO SOMEONE AND CLICK ON THE LINK. We like to review each invitation email a client plans on sending before it is sent.

If changes are made to an Internet questionnaire (other than typographical errors and minor cosmetic adjustments), the survey will have to be retested.