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You Can't leave - You Shouldn't Stay!

I decided to look for another job with higher pay, more benefits and retirement. I applied for a job on Monday, had a phone interview on Tuesday, and accepted the new position. I waited until Thursday to tell my current boss because they had an important client coming in on Wednesday and I didn't want them to be distracted by the news of my leaving.

I knew my boss would be upset about my leaving, but had no IDEA of just how MUCH! They were LIVID! They screamed for me to get out of their office, RIGHT NOW! I asked if they meant they didn't want me to work a notice. Their response "Hell NO, that doesn't mean I want you not to work out a notice. You will work EVERY SECOND of that two-week notice! I just can't believe you are doing this to me!" It was also demanded that I tell no one in the office that I was leaving, not until THEY decided it was time to announce it! I thought "what's the big deal on that?"

I had accepted a job with a business associate of theirs, who they had only known about 2 yrs. My boss got so ANGRY they talked to my NEW employer and told them how betrayed THEY felt that they had hired me from under them! The guilt trip worked so WELL, the next day I was called and politely UNhired! Quote: "We have to decide whether we should hire a well-trained, very experienced employee who would fill our position well and be a definite asset to our business, or to TRY to repair both our business and personal relationship with "Name." We have decided that we need to try to repair our relationship with "Name". I'm terribly sorry but I will have to rescind the job offer!"

They told me they would leave it up to me as to whether to tell my boss the job had been rescinded. I chose not to, HOWEVER, I found out two days later they told them ANYWAY!! The SAME DAY! I then spent the next two weeks of my notice being toyed with "Well, have you decided whether you are going to take the job with (name)?" Knowing the WHOLE time the job had been taken away!! When I finally told them I knew they were aware of the situation, they tried to play dumb, like they hadn't talked to them! Give me a BREAK!

They expected me to come crawling back begging for forgiveness and my job back. Well, I DIDN'T! I'm not going to continue to work for someone who has such little consideration for ME as to be the CAUSE of me losing a job with HIGHER PAY, MORE BENEFITS, AND RETIREMENT! The only reason they were so upset about my leaving is "I know where the bodies are buried!" LOL.

I left one day earlier than my two weeks. I had had enough! Besides, I found out they had planned a 'surprise' going away party for me (after they had made an announcement, withOUT me being present, that I was leaving and what a horrible employee I had been,' AND.-- that the other job had been taken away from me!!). I decided I had had enough of the backstabbing. I wasn't going to be the patsy for an "I'm going to miss you so much" party when two days earlier they had told everyone in the office what a bad employee I was! I left!! And I'm NOT sorry I did!

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