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The Tip Stealer

Where I work right now, as a housekeeper for a large chain hotel, I have a very bad boss. It happens to be the other housekeepers' and my favorite topic; above even the gross things we have to clean up.

Our boss enjoys coming into work an hour before the rest of us, sitting her unsightly ogre-ish self behind the front desk, and listening for the rooms that are checking out. Then she "casually" makes the rounds and goes into our rooms, under the pretense of wanting to help us strip the linen before we get there. We know she does this because we are in league with the front desk girl. Also, of course, because the linen is gone, and so are all our tips. No room that she has ever "helped" us with, has ever once had a tip in it by the time we get there -- even when we knew the folks who were staying there, and knew they were tippers.

One girl even saw her walking out of one of her rooms, stuffing money in her pocket, but she saw that she was caught, and made up some lame excuse about not knowing if the guest who had stayed there unintentionally left that wad of ones. I'm happy to report my coworker GOT that tip. We've tried informing our manager of the various other heinous crimes that this woman commits against us, but our manager is clueless and lazy.

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