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The Stinker

I have three bosses, but the worst one is the slob - truly the smelliest i have ever met (including homeless people, who, not having their own bathroom, at least have an excuse). it appears he rarely showers. we assume that sunday is shower day for him, because he looks and smells reasonably clean on Monday (although his too-small shirt always appears to be about to explode, sending small buttons everywhere). By Wednesday, we're warning each other about the degree of ripeness, so as to avoid placing ourselves in close proximity. It's beyond simple b.o.; particularly when he skips his Sunday shower! . . . his office matches his physical appearance, he truly has no idea where anything is, piles and piles of crap everywhere..., he has spread out to three cubicles outside of his office, and threatens to overtake the conference room any day now.

The amazing thing is that he is the senior vice president, in charge of lending at a local bank. If we can't stand to be near him, just think of the poor customers (those he manages to get, anyway). The worst thing is I have to work with him, and try to put together his files, which are nothing more than a jumble of papers from various businesses all mixed together, if not totally lost. The bank auditors are in right now, looking at these nightmarish loans, and I think he's going to have more than personal hygiene on his mind when he returns from vacation.

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