About Us

The Business Research Lab is a Texas Corporation, incorporated as Business Market Research Lab. Unlike many firms, we do not delegate project management to "green" research associates. Your project will be managed by a seasoned professional researcher. This ensures that you receive the personal attention needed to make your project a success.

Clive Mettrick: Director of Technology and Program Development

Clive Mettrick

Mr. Mettrick is one of the original founders of The Business Research Lab. He has extensive client-side experience in marketing research across different industries, beginning with Coca-Cola Foods (now the Minute Maid Company) in 1985. He continued to build his research skills at Microsoft, as market research manager for Product Support Services, and with Chase Bank, where he held a number of management positions.

In addition to providing research design and analysis expertise, he drives the Internet strategy and site design for The Business Research Lab and for Employeesurveys.com. Clive holds an MBA from the University of Rochester's Simon School of Business, with majors in Marketing and Computer Information Systems. Mr. Mettrick is a former board member of the American Marketing Association's Houston chapter.

Email: clive@busreslab.com

Dr. Donald Payne: Director of Research

Dr. Donald Payne

Dr. Payne has over thirty years of research experience, beginning as Associate Research Director at Marplan, and subsequently as Executive Vice President of Oxtoby-Smith.

He has worked with organizations of all sizes, including many Fortune 500 companies.

He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, a member of the Market Research Council and AAPOR, and consulting editor toPsychology & Marketing. Dr. Payne has taught at the City College of NY and the graduate school of Fairfield University. He has published widely in the field of consumer psychology and has testified as an expert witness on consumer behavior and perceptions.

Email: don@busreslab.com

Gregg Campa: Director of Client Relations

Gregg Campa

Gregg Campa is Director of Client Relations for The Business Research Lab. He has over 20 years of client side experience, and has managed dozens of survey projects and market research studies for The Business Research Lab. He began his career as Regional Operations Manager with Associated Club Management, and later, as an Operational Management Consultant with Diamondback Consultants.

In addition to his client relations responsibilities, Gregg takes an active role in product development, utilizing feedback gained in his everyday client interactions.

In his spare time, Gregg likes to play tennis and fix up old houses.

He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio, with majors in Management and Corporate Finance and is a member of The Human Resource Management Association.

Email: gregg@busreslab.com

Peggy Edwards: Consultant

Peggy Edwards

Peggy Edwards specializes in employee discussion groups, action planning, and leadership development. She can assist clients who need these services.

Peggy has worked in the federal government and for the Marriott Corporation, managing multi-million dollar projects in both. Since founding Ellis/Edwards in 1993, she has worked with a wide variety of government, business & industry, and non-profit organizations.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the California State University system. Peggy lives in Santa Clarita, CA where she serves as a volunteer mediator in the Los Angeles County court system.

To schedule a free consultation, call us via our toll-free number, 1-866-960-9824. Or, if you prefer, contact us by email.